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September 18, 2017 / by Falcon Electric

DON'T GET BURNED TO A CRISP - Get a safe and secure fire system today!

Blog Post

Protecting your home from fire is an incredibly important investment. We don’t want to sound like “the boy who cried wolf”, but your home is always at risk. There are a number of hazards to look out for, including wiring, weather, heaters, and common household errors. With so much potential for catastrophe, it is a good idea to install a secure fire system as soon as possible.

Common Fire Starters in the Home

Understanding the most common causes for fires is a good first step in fire safety. Your home is full of seemingly ordinary designs that all have potential to turn your property into a pile of ashes. The following list is a small compilation of the most common hazards:

Faulty Wiring - Exposed wires behind your walls and beneath your floors can create sparks. Sparks near wood and other flammable materials can ultimately burn your house down.

Old Wiring - Old wires and antiquated methods of installation are still a problem, especially here in Portland. Common areas for old wiring include the attic and basement.

Lightning - Although rare, a lightning strike to a home can cause fires. Having an alarm system to warn you of a blaze can prove to be life saving.

Space Heaters - When the temperatures drop, it feels great to plug in a space heater. These devices are red hot and if they fall over, they can potentially start a fire. If you sleep with a space heater on, having a secure fire system in place is an excellent idea.

Household Errors - This can include kitchen fires or your cat knocking over a lamp when you are not home. Simple mistakes can have lasting effects, it is important to take the necessary precautions against house fires.

Use Falcon Electric to Install a Secure Fire System

As highly trained and licensed electricians, we are the company you can trust to protect your home. When installing a fire alarm system, you want to be confident it will work. We pride ourselves in delivering stellar and professional work.

We understand how serious a concern fires are and we want to provide the best life saving services possible. We will wire new fire alarms throughout your home, creating a secure system. Covering all corners of your property, there will be no fire that goes undetected.

The fire systems we install are more than simple smoke alarms. They are hardwired into the structure of your home. Of course, they feature an independent battery for times when the power may go out. The system also monitors carbon monoxide (CO) levels and will let you know if the interior atmosphere becomes dangerous. All of our fire systems can be hooked up to your local first responders, adding an additional safety net.

Falcon Electric is your go to company for all things fire safety. We can install a home fire system that protects your house at all times of the day.

Contact us today to find out more!

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